The Chicago-based GoMedicare marketplace connects employers and employees with licensed insurance brokers to help them find the right health insurance, such as Medicare Supplement C (Part C) or prescription drug plans (Part D).


Original Medicare is the most common form of health insurance for people with Medicare. Several people choose to have a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan, which may also be referred to as a Part C private health plan. Medicare Advantage plans receive a set amount per person from the federal government and are able to offer Medicare benefits.

Benefits Offered By GoMedicare

Get Medicare savings on dental care (crowns, implants, dentures), hearing aids, and eyeglasses by extending your dental, hearing, and vision coverage.

Save On Health Expenses: The group will help you find ways to lessen your prescription drug spending, co-pays, and expenses.

Get Up To $170* Back: Many people are not aware that there are programs and savings plans to help them pay their Part B premiums.


  • Almost all GoMedicare Advantage plans also include prescription drug coverage (Part D). A standalone Part D plan can be used if you are enrolled in an MSA or PFFS plan without drug coverage. It is possible to enroll in a Part D plan separately.
  • If you have health insurance through your employer, union, or former employer before you become eligible for GoMedicare, you may find that you are automatically enrolled in their MA plans. This plan can be continued, switched to Original Medicare, or you can join another Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Please remember that if you go to the original GoMedicare website or join another Medicare Advantage plan, your employer or union may terminate or reduce your health care benefits, your dependent’s health care benefits, and any other benefits you receive from your company. Plan ahead and speak to your employer/union before making changes to determine how they will affect your health and other benefits.